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Alternative Fuel Vehicles For Sale

Just how do we drive America forward? Buy finding the best alternative fuel vehicles for sale. There are numerous new options that are becoming more prominent over the past several years. Just what will replace oil as the fuel of the future? Is it an electric car, hybrid cars, cars that run on solar power, bi-fuel vehicles, or CNG cars and trucks for sale? Could it be a blend of all of these? This site is dedicated to informing the public about all of these alternative vehicles. We will look at both advantages and disadvantages of each of the options that are either here now or on the horizon.

Comparing Bi-Fuel and Hybrid Vehicles

So what is the difference between hybrid and bi-fuel vehicles? Many people hear these words, but don’t really know what they mean. So what makes a bi-fuel vehicle unique? The main feature making unique is the fact that it only uses one motor, even though it is compatible to operate from two different fuel sources. These fuels are not mixed in these green cars; instead each one of them must be contained in its own fuel tank. The difference in a bi-fuel and a hybrid vehicle is that the hybrid has two separate motors, that each run off of a different kind of fuel. Consequently, a bi-fuel vehicle needs one less motor than a hybrid vehicle needs.

Bi-Fuel Ford Vans and Pickup Trucks

When it comes to bi-fuel pickup trucks and bi-fueled vans, Ford Motor Company has taken the lead. They forged a partnership with BAF Technologies in May of 2011, offering to consumers the bi-fuel F-250/350 pick-up trucks, along with their E-250/350 vans. BAF Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Clean Energy Fuels Corp (CLNE) a leader in natural gas fueling stations. They were the very first company to achieve the designation as a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM). BAF created this proprietary bi-fuel conversion for these Ford vehicles. This process takes vans and pickup trucks that are “already manufactured,” and changes the entire fuel system to include Compressed Natural Gas use. OEM standards for quality are achieved through the process BAF uses.

Best 7 Passenger SUV Vehicles – Great for Carpooling

When the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line on December 1, 1913, no one could have foreseen how that little car would someday morph into a 7 passenger SUV.

The conventional four-door sedan is still America's most popular car. Vehicles like the Ford Fusion, the Toyota Camry, the Chevrolet Malibu and the Honda Accord account for more than 34% of US auto sales. However, larger, family-oriented vehicles like the -SUV have become more and more popular over recent years. They are safe, stable and roomy and just about perfect for large families. There are many non hybrids and some hybrid SUV’s with 3rd row seating.